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Rubber band ligation (RBL) is a popular treatment that is used to treat internal haemorrhoids of any grade. A physician may use any of the several different techniques available to perform this procedure. One such common metal device is endoscopic banding.

In the rubber band ligation procedure, rubber bands are used to tie off the haemorrhoids at its base and this will cut off the blood supply to the haemorrhoid. An instrument known as anoscope is used to perform this procedure.

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How is rubber band ligation performed?

In this procedure, your physician will insert an anoscope into the anus to view and examine inside of the anal area. In this procedure, the haemorrhoid is grasped with the used instrument as well as a rubber band is placed around the base of haemorrhoid due to which haemorrhoid shrinks and dies and falls off within a week. A band will fall off during your normal bowel movements and you may not notice it. And then, a scar will form in place of haemorrhoid that holds the veins present nearby so that they don’t bulge out into your anal canal.

Rubber band ligation is commonly used to treat internal haemorrhoids. This procedure involves much lower risk of pain and shorter recovery period as compared to surgical treatments of haemorrhoids. It is an effective procedure that can be performed with the multiple methods available.

What happens after rubber band ligation?

A person may feel minor pain and little discomfort after rubber band ligation. He may experience a feeling of fullness in his lower belly and he may feel as if he needs to go for a bowel movement. All these feelings usually go away within a short number of days of your surgery. Your doctor may prescribe pain medicine to you after surgery. A person may have a small amount of bleeding as well from the anus after a few days of surgery. But, this bleeding is just normal. Some people are even capable of returning to their regular activities after a short period of time while other may require rest for some time or few days.

Care tips to follow at home after rubber band ligation-

  • Usually, you can take showers and baths daily. Make sure your anal area is dry when you are done.
  • Generally, you can eat  your normal diet. But, if your stomach is upset, it is better to eat food items that are low in fat, such as plain rice, boiled chicken, and yogurt. Taking fiber rich diet will help you to have easy bowel movements. If your doctor has allowed you, then drink plenty of fluids.
  • Avoid performing any strenuous activity after a few days of your surgery because they can worsen your condition. Strenuous activities may include jogging, bicycle riding, weight lifting, or any aerobic exercise.
  • Avoid lifting any heavy weight like heavy grocery bags, suitcase, or milk containers and anything that would make you strain.
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