A Pain That’s Hard to Discuss

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A Pain That’s Hard to Discuss

 Bright red bleeding is common, most often seen on the toilet tissue and occasionally. Piles are not exactly topics for cocktail party discussion and the hesitancy to discuss them often leaves sufferers thinking that they are the only ones affected. However, this potentially painful, debilitating anxiety provoking condition is quite common.

Our one of the patient started having these painful bowel movements with some blood showing. The pain was so severe that the agonising after contraction would continue for hours. And even when a patient wasn’t in actual pain, all he/she could think about was about the next morning and the after pains.

Dr. Sanjeev Bhatia at Global Health Care Clinic Sector 21-c Chandigarh says, ” if you’ve ever noticed bright red blood after a bowel movement, chances are that it could be due to some benign condition, but sometimes that condition is not so benign. A benign condition is common like sometimes a small tear in the rim of the anus called as fissures. These are commonly mistaken for haemorrhoids. Unlike haemorrhoids, they cause painful bleeding. Global HealthCareClinic offers a holistic approach to such cases and more than 90% heal conservatively.

Haemorrhoids are veins in the rectum that become swollen and painful.  Sometimes, they go away by themselves, but in other cases, they cause lingering pain, heaviness, itching and bleeding, which can be cured with medicines. in severe stages, it causes an irreducible prolapse, which will require surgical intervention (laser for initial stages and stapler surgery for severe stages).
Colitis also presents with bleeding in stools. It is inflammation of the inner lining of the colon and may cause abdominal pain and diarrhoea with or without blood. fever may be present too. The treatment of colitis depends on the cause. Initial therapy regardless of the cause is to stabilize the patient’s vital signs and help control pain if needed.
Colorectal or anal cancer are conditions which one must not ignore. they can present as a mon healing ulcer-causing pain around the anus and alteration in bowel movements. Anorectal bleeding should not be ignored and must be checked immediately on priority.

At Global Health Care Clinic headed by Dr. Sanjeen Bhatia treating patients of all kind of anorectal ailments. There is a recent addition of Laser Piles Surgery for the first time in Chandigarh.


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