Best Vascular Surgeons and Hospitals For Varicose vein Treatment In Chandigarh

vascular surgery in Chandigarh

Best Vascular Surgeons and Hospitals For Varicose vein Treatment In Chandigarh

In India, the number of patients having a vascular disease is regularly increasing day by day. But due to lack of knowledge or guidance, many patients do not visit or consult a specialist Hospital for Vascular Surgery in Chandigarh. Ultimately, they have to suffer from a treatment failure or serious complications that even may lead to death. Therefore, it is evident for you to consult the best vascular surgeons in Chandigarh for a right vascular treatment in Chandigarh to ensure maximum chances of treatment success and faster time to recovery.

In this write-up, we have discussed various aspects of vascular disease, vascular surgery treatment and role of best vascular surgeons in Chandigarh.

best vascular surgeons in Chandigarh

Vascular diseases are most commonly occurs among older people. It has very few or barely recognizable symptoms, therefore many people are not aware of suffering from such medical conditions. Several factors contribute to the development of vascular diseases such as aging, injury, unhealthy lifestyles, genetic predisposition, and various other cardiovascular conditions.

It is a sub-specialty of general surgery. It has come into existence in 2012 and training of vascular surgeons was started 2013. The surgery is usually performed for the diagnosis and management of various conditions affecting the circulatory system including disease of veins, arteries, and the lymphatic vessels. It helps to treat all organs of the vascular system except the brain and heart. Many vascular problems are treated without surgery, invasive procedures or radiology. Generally, best vascular surgeons advise their patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle including a healthy diet and regular exercise. Beside this appropriate medications are given to further minimize the future risk of heart attack or stroke.

Endovascular surgery is generally performed by utilizing minimally invasive procedures. It is performed by vascular surgeons or interventional radiologists in angioplasty, where narrowed or obstructed arteries are widened on inserting stents. The main aim of Angioplasty is for restoring the normal blood flow.

vascular treatment in ChandigarhEndovascular surgery has following big advantages over open surgery such as:

  • Shorter recovery periods both in and outside the hospital for Vascular Surgery
  • It causes less pain and scarring along with lower mortality rates.

Vascular treatment is performed in various conditions: Carotid artery disease – In this condition plaque or a waxy substance is developed inside the carotid arteries that circulate blood to head and neck to cause a stroke.

Aneurysms – Here, a blood vessel is dilated and ruptured to cause death.

Critical limb ischemia – When blood flow is seriously hampered due to a severe blockage of the arteries in the lower extremities. In severe cases, it may result into limb amputation.

Venous disease – It is caused due to abnormal or diseased veins, including a condition of varicose veins.

Lymphoedema –When fluid accumulates in the body’s tissues to cause swellings.

Diabetes- It can adversely affect vascular health to cause peripheral arterial disease or diabetic foot problems.

Renal vascular disease – In this condition the circulation of the arteries and veins towards kidneys are affected to cause a blood clot and lead to a kidney failure.

At least 40 % emergency cases presented to hospitals having vascular issues where an urgent intervention is required. Most emergency cases involve road accidents, assaults, and various other accidents.

Hospital for Vascular Surgery in Chandigarh

It is a new specialty without any defined sub-specialties till yet. That is why most vascular procedures have to be tailored according to the individual patient condition. So, there are chances that few vascular surgeons develop the expertise to treat paediatric vascular conditions or vascular malformations, whereas some others have gained specialty for vascular input into emergency or trauma centers.

Therefore, if you are suffering from any vascular condition and looking for the best vascular surgeons in Chandigarh then always consult a specialist vascular surgeon or hospital for vascular surgery in Chandigarh. A right varicose vein treatment in Chandigarh will help you in relieving symptoms, preventing complications, and improving appearance of skin

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