Is It Worth to Consult a Specialist Weight Loss Surgery Centre in Chandigarh?

Weight Loss Surgery Clinic in Chandigarh

Is It Worth to Consult a Specialist Weight Loss Surgery Centre in Chandigarh?

Worldwide, obesity is a serious epidemic and in India, about 30 million people are suffering from obesity. Moreover, in the next 5 years, obesity is predicted to double its figure. Since past few decades, a significant change can be seen in people’s lifestyle and dietary patterns which have dramatically raised the average consumption of calories per day due to the prevalence of overeating. Not only this, various unhealthy food portions are being served in various restaurants and food courts that have evolved a trend of consuming more and expending less especially in children.

Weight Loss Centre in Chandigarh

Obesity is a lifestyle disease characterized by an accumulation of excessive body fat. Usually, obese people are affected by behavior, environmental, and genetic factors that are not easy to control with dieting and exercises. It increases the likelihood of many health complications such as cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes, certain cancers and increased mortality.

In many obese people, it is seen that even after changing the numerous diet plans do not help them to gain positive results and moreover, their weight continues to rise further. If you or any of your near and dear also suffering from obesity then you must approach a weight loss clinic specialist in Chandigarh for their expert evaluation and advice. You may find many weight loss center in Chandigarh but only a few of them provide the required specialization, guidance, and post-operative care to obtain substantial and long-lasting weight loss or remission of obesity.

Many overweight people have felt difficulty in reaching their healthy body weight or BMI. A right weight-loss surgery can help them to improve the harmful effects of obesity. Various researches also support this fact that Bariatric surgery provides better results than medical therapies and intensive lifestyle interventions to achieve durable and substantial weight loss. But a hard truth is that only a few weight loss surgery clinics in Chandigarh have gained expertise to perform different Bariatric surgeries.

Weight Loss Clinic Specialist in ChandigarhWeight-Loss Treatment Options

It varies from person to person. An early start of treatment ensures better success rates. Various treatment options used for weight loss are physical activity, medically managed weight-loss programs, behavior modification, and surgical treatment.

Physical Activity

A routine physical activity can greatly influence in managing obesity. Initiate any exercise program and set realistic goals by consulting with your doctor.

Medically Managed Program

In a clinical setting, a team of licensed doctors, dietitian and psychologist offer services and advice for weight-loss medications, physical activity instruction, nutrition education, and behavioral therapy.

Behavior Modification

Modifying people behaviors along with other treatments can contribute well in managing obesity.

Surgical treatment

Patient having a BMI of greater than 40 or more and ideal body weight more than 40 kg are prone to morbid obesity. Various popular bariatric or weight-loss surgery treatment options, particularly Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB), Sleeve Gastrectomy (SG) and laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding (LAGB).Weight Loss Centre in Chandigarh

Key benefits of Bariatric surgeries are listed below:

  • It influences the psychological and health-related quality of life.
  • Overcomes depression and anxiety.
  • Betterment of physical functions like self-esteem, work, mobility, sexual function, and social interactions.
  • Improves health and longevity.
  • Helps in reducing single hood, disability, and unemployment.

Beside above advantages, if bariatric surgeries are not performed properly it may cause serious complications that include internal bleeding, a collapsed lungs, and even death.

Therefore, it is necessary for you to search a reputed weight loss centre in Chandigarh. You must understand how many successful weight loss operations they have performed in a year beside their safety record for bariatric surgeries.

Importantly, you should know the expertise of your weight loss clinic specialist in Chandigarh and don’t hesitate to ask questions throughout the process. Always remember, patients who consult the top-ranked weight loss surgery clinic in Chandigarh always gained big advantages having a shorter hospital stays and a lesser bill.

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