Hair Transplant

What happens in FUE?

  • In this procedure healthy hair follicles are directly removed from donor area having dense hair growth usually on back of the head.
  • Each hair follicle is inserted/grafted one by one into the bald/patchy hair area of head unlike “STRIP” method.
  • This highly delicate procedure is performed to graft hairs into the slots of previous/old hairs to get the better angles, direction and permanency of the transplanted hairs.
  • This procedure ensures more natural result without any scar, stitches, and usually less painful.
  • FUE healing time depends upon the skin condition of a person.
Stem cell treatment in hair transplantation
  • It seems to be like a FUE technique.
  • Blood is extracted from hair prone area of an individual and re-injected into the bald area of scalp to activate dead cells and allowing highly positive hair growth.
  • It helps to promote re-growth of hairs in bald/patch areas and also improve the strength of existing hair follicles.
  • This treatment process uses the concept of human germinative cells and also helps in re-constructing various body structures.
  • It hastens curing of diseases like cancer, polio, blindness etc.
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  • This procedure is the latest, comparatively fast and completely painless hair restoration technique.
  • It can be performed without incisions, surgery and donor area.
  • Hairs are taken from the other parts of the body having same texture of hairs.
  • Hairs are kept in a saline solution to make them ready for grafting
  • Finally, the punching or grafting of hairs is performed to the bald/hair shedding area of scalp.
  • It is the most advanced techniques offered at an affordable price that allows the patient goes back home happy on the same day.
  • Direct hair & Stem cell treatment in hair transplantation is only possible in one of the leading and certified Hair Science Institute clinics such as Global Health Care Clinic having a team of experienced and well-trained technicians and doctors.
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  • This method is performed in cases of poor donor supply but patient has a vigorous body hair growth on other body parts.
  • This technique involves harvesting of additional grafts from different body parts such as chest, beard, feet, pubis, underarms, forearms, thighs, abdomen etc.
  • This treatment options is particularly useful in patients with advanced degree of hair loss or who lost donor area supply due to various reasons.
  • According to NHT, patients can achieve best results to knock additional donor resources for body hair extractions such as; Abdomen, Armpits/auxiliary areas, Back of hand, Beard, Chest, Forearms, Legs/calves, Thighs and Pubic region.
Body Hair Transplantation
  • In FUT procedure, hairs are procured in a strip from the permanent donor area i.e. back and sides of the scalp and transplanted to the bald areas of the scalp.
  • Usually this procedure is accomplished using naturally-occurring 1, 2, 3, or 4 hairs groups or follicular units.
  • Anesthesia is given on patient’s scalp and a strip of tissues is removed from donor area.
  • Using microscopic dissection techniques, strip of tissues is cut into many individual follicular units.
  • Once follicular unit grafts are prepared, doctor makes tiny holes in the patient’s scalp or recipient area to place grafts.
  • The follicular units positioning and arrangement depends upon aesthetic qualities of a hair transplant, depending on the patients’ history of hair loss and likelihood of future hair loss.
Full hair Transplant

Beard is usually considered as a fashion statement in men who are very over-protective about their beard. Beards may help men to hide their acne scars and also enhancing their facial features to hide their small or recessed chins. Therefore, beard hair transplant is the perfect solution of patchy beards in men and providing them full thick beards as a sure sign of masculinity.

Steps Involved:

  • This procedure is typically performed on the beards of men having patchy/spotty areas.
  • This procedure takes 2-4 hours to complete.
  • Hairs are harvested from donor area usually on the back of the head.
  • Hairs are transplanted to the required thin patchy areas of beard.
  • All selected areas are covered in beard with transplantation.

The Beard Hair Transplant offers following advantages:

  • A permanent solution to beard hair loss.
  • Normal and natural beard growth within few months.
  • It results in fuller, richer and thicker looking beard.