Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation (HALS)

  • Doppler-guided hemorrhoidal artery ligation (DG) HAL/RAR system is the first system that is used to treat the source of hemorrhoidal disease by utilizing minimally invasive surgical techniques without any surgical excision, banding or stapling.
  • This single system offers two surgical procedure options, such as (DG) HAL and (DG) RAR.
  • (DG) HAL is Doppler guided Hemorrhoidal artery ligation while the (DG) RAR is the Doppler-guided Recto anal repair.
  • This procedure can usually take as little as twenty minutes only and patients can be allowed to leave the same day.
  • A person may experience minor pain and little discomfort and can return to his daily business from the next day onwards.

What kind of care you need before and after the procedure depends on several conditions. You can discuss it with your physician and he will guide you according to your age, weight, and physical condition. Depending on your treatment, he will guide you for medications after the procedure. Generally, the results are variable and you may require post-procedural pain medications as well for minimum period of time.


Different grades of hemorrhoids that can be treated-

There are 4 different grades of hemorrhoids. Depending on these, a treatment is given to the patient.

  • Grade 1 hemorrhoids are those hemorrhoids that are caused by swelling of veins inside the anal canal (internal hemorrhoids) and do not protrude or prolapse out of the anus.
  • Grade 2 hemorrhoids are also the internal hemorrhoids that are present inside the anal canal but they prolapse and then go back inside the anus simultaneously without causing any interference.
  • Grade 3 hemorrhoids are those internal hemorrhoids which prolapse but unlike grade 2 hemorrhoids, they do not go back inside the anus on its own. The patient has to push them back to go inside the anus.
  • Grade 4 hemorrhoids are those internal hemorrhoids that prolapsed and will not go back inside the anus even after pushing them.

Advantages of doppler guided (DG) hemorrhoidal artery ligation (HAL)/recto anal repair (RAR)

This procedure will give a good control.

  • Rapid identification of terminal branches of superior hemorrhoidal artery.
  • Precise, accurate ligation.
  • Immediate confirmation.

It will give you only a minimal discomfort.

  • Minimally invasive surgery.
  • Ligation sutures are placed 2-3 cm above dentate line.
  • General or MAC sedation.

The success rate of this procedure is high.

  • There are 90% or greater success rate.
  • No major complications are reported till now.
  • The Ratio of inflow to outflow drops down significantly.