Video Assisted Anal Fistula Treatment

It is a new-age minimally invasive and sphincter-saving procedure for the treatment of complex fistulas. VAAFT is a sphincter-saving procedure having extremely small surgical wounds.

This procedure involves following key steps:

  • Completely performed under direct endoluminal vision using the fistuloscope for the visualization of the fistula tract.
  • Diagnostic fistuloscopy is performed under irrigation followed by an operative phase of fulguration of the fistula tract.
  • Correction of the localization of the internal fistula opening, endoscopic treatment of the fistula and closure of the internal opening using a stapler or with suture is done.
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Advantages of VAAFT

As this treatment requires a minimal access surgical procedure, it does not cause large wounds in the anorectal area.

There is no or very little risk of incontinence as this surgical procedure does not involve cutting of muscles.

The Video-assisted anal fistula treatment procedure is just a day care surgery and patients are discharged on the same day.

It is actually a very good Minimally Invasive approach for complex deep-seated abscesses. 

This treatment can also be combined with any other technique as well, such as Seton and standard open surgical Method by being able to directly visualize and reach the higher internal opening.